150 Homes Built in Peru with Your Help!


San Juan de Lurigancho, PERU

Pensacola, FLORIDA


After 10 years serving in Peru...

Here's what we've been able to accomplish together: 

- 150 new homes built
- 100+ volunteers yearly
- 29 trips since 2008
- Purchase land and begin construction on multi-story ministry center


After 10 years SERVING in Pensacola, FL...

Here's what we've been able to accomplish together: 

 - 645,000 lbs of food distributed
 - 60,000 people served
 - 7,000+ volunteers engaged
 - $64,500 worth of food given away


With the second floor completed, this new headquarters in Jicamarca will eventually be able to support 6 floors to house our admin offices, a medical/dental clinic, a local church, a full kitchen, and dorms for volunteer teams. Click the thumbnail to the left to WATCH THE VIDEO!

Serving our neighbors

Aerial drone footage captures the heart and scope of one of our local events. We host multiple events each year in Escambia County. Churches, businesses, community service agencies, and various non-profits organize to provide resources and connections to thousands of people.


Reimagine Pensacola.

Meeting practical needs right here in Florida.

  • Over 43 events in Escambia County, Alabama and Georiga since 2008.
  • Over 645,000 pounds of food distributed to individuals along the Gulf Coast.
  • Dozens of churches, schools, businesses, community service agencies, and various non-profits collaborating to meet needs and connect resources

New Headquarters construction

It's Time to Build.

We're excited that the Reimagine Peru headquarters is underway! As you can see in the photo, our single story building now has a second floor! In total, we'll have 6 floors dedicated to serving this region around San Juan de Lurigancho.

Among many other benefits like travel efficiency and storage facilities, having our own headquarters locally will also allow our administration to be financially self-sustaining. Visiting groups will be able to secure low cost living quarters and meals on-site rather than having to book much more expensive accommodations 2 hours away in Mira Flores. These funds then help provide the needed space for a church, medical/dental clinic, dormitories, and much more. 


Pre-Fabricated Homes.

From cardboard to wood, dirt to concrete, plastic to metal.

  • $900 per home
  • Over 150 homes built
  • On-site construction in 1 day

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