Hope and a Future...


Greg and I are very active in Pensacola with the Reimagine events we've been hosting for years, but the heart of Reimagine began many years before on another continent.  When Greg and I began visiting Peru in 1998, we fell in love with the country and the people group. We found them loving, kind, giving, and so appreciative of any kind of help. In 2008 we decided to start our own ministry, Reimagine Peru, and we decided to focus on an area outside of Lima called San Juan de Lurigancho (Santa Rosita). It’s a little different than some ministries in that we’ve found it important to stay in the same community year after year.

Because of this approach, over the years we've had the opportunity to watch teenagers get married and have their own children. We’ve watched middle schoolers go to high school and college. We’ve attended graduations and been a part of baby showers. So this community of Santa Rosita is our home and these people who live here are our family.

Most of the people in Santa Rosita live in thatched or cardboard dwellings, living and sleeping on the floor with no running water and sometimes no electricity. The conditions are very primitive.

Greg and I came in and said, “Let’s start replacing these thatched dwellings with pre-fabricated homes.” It gives these families hope and a future.

With every new home that we build, materials have to be passed by hand along a human chain from the bottom of the mountain to the construction site. All of the walls and ceiling and bags of cement and sand…everything has to pass through hundreds of hands as it goes up the mountain.

Every year we build about 15 houses. About 40 to 45 families apply at a time, so we have to help those who are in the greatest need. Teams from all over Pensacola and all over the country have come together to help build homes and build loving relationships with the people of Santa Rosita. Many times the people don’t understand why we keep coming year after year, sometimes 3 or 4 teams in a summer. They don’t understand why we keep coming without expecting anything in return, but they soon begin to see that we love them and we love their families. We truly want to journey with them and be a part of their lives.

And even though we're able to impact their immediate situation with a new home, food, clothing and shoes, and lots of time together, our teams are very aware that it's only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through His love and power, that we're able to impact their hearts and their eternity.

Hundreds of people have joined us in Peru as part of our Reimagine teams over the years. Maybe you're feeling a tug to pray for us, to go to Peru on a team, or to partner with us through a monthly donation. Whatever your support looks like, we welcome you. There are so many needs in the community of Santa Rosita, and we feel extremely blessed to be a part of these beautiful people's lives.



Linda English
Reimagine Co-Founder

Linda (right) with two of the women from San Juan de Lurigancho.

Linda (right) with two of the women from San Juan de Lurigancho.

Yhon Falcon, President of Reimagine Peru, looking out over Santa Rosita.

Yhon Falcon, President of Reimagine Peru, looking out over Santa Rosita.