Kids Club

Every Thursday one of our full time missionaries, Christian Rodriguez, has a children’s Bible study for ages 6-11. They start off every meeting where every kid has a devotional and takes turns reading a piece of that day’s devotion and Christian explains it in a way that every kid can relate to. Then the group does dances to popular Christian songs that the all love. Every year this group of kids prepares a performance for the American teams that come. Any kid that comes to Kids Club is given a fruit and vitamin to help keep them nourished.

Ministries in Santa Rosita


Krown Kids

Every Saturday Christian and another one of our missionaries, Susana Perez, get to Santa Rosita by 10 to get their lessons together and play with the kids until 11 when they start class. Every week they start with a vitamin for all the kids along with some water, then they get all the kids together for a prayer. After a prayer the two lead the kids in some fun dance songs that the kids always enjoy. After getting all the wiggles out they stop for a little and do some worship. They use some music tracks along with powerpoint lyrics and the kids always get into worship. Then either Christian or Susana give a small Bible lesson and make sure the kids were listening to by asking questions and awarding candy to correct answers. Krown kids is supported by Crown Church and does close to the same thing that Crown does in their kids program. Reimagine is made possible through our many partners and Crown has been partnering with us since 2015.


Reimagine Sports Kids

After Christian and the kids take a lunch break, Christian returns to Santa Rosita at 2 for a devotional and then friendly competition. This is a ministry aimed at the younger to teenage boys in the community, although we do sometimes get some girls who join us for this. This is a way to show the boys to have good sportsmanship, follow God, and to show that they can have fun even as Christians.